Editorial: Stand Up & Be Heard

We have all heard how the FDA wants to regulate tobacco from the extreme possibility of cigars hidden behind a curtain and ordering from a book at your local brick & mortar instead of perusing the humidor. Then there is the definition of a premium cigar which is currently on the table at $10.00.

As American citizens we should be proud of the fact that we have a voice. A voice that soldiers have fought to protect. A process that they have given their lives for. A sacrifice they have made for every American.

Yet many of you have chosen to ignore that right, and have not commented on the proposed FDA regulations. I’ve heard it all from “It will never happen, it is just a scare tactic” to “I don’t want the government to have my information”. Well, for me that does not fly. Not when people fight to protect our rights.

The commenting period on the FDA comes to a close on August 8th, and it is imperative that you stand up and be heard. The FDA must respond to every comment left, and the more comments, the better chance we have to win this battle.

The FDA had set its sights on menthol cigarettes a while back and the commenting was so overwhelming that the FDA could not begin to respond to everyone. As a result, menthol cigarettes remain. We must make it that difficult and more.

Head on over to CigarRights.org and take 10 minutes (probably less) to ensure that you can continue for a lifetime.


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