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Erik Wentworth Debuts 3 Leaf Cigars

Erik Wentworth, a veteran in the premium cigar industry with over 15 years of experience, is thrilled to unveil the debut of 3 LEAF Cigars. Stemming from a profound journey enriched by invaluable knowledge and enduring relationships cultivated throughout his tenure, Wentworth’s passion for cigars culminates in the creation of 3 Leaf.

Embarking on his journey in 2009 as a tobacconist at Two Guys Smoke Shop, Wentworth’s affinity for the industry flourished through profound connections forged with fellow enthusiasts. His trajectory saw him join forces with Hammer & Sickle in 2013, ascending to the role of Executive Vice President and contributing significantly to the company’s growth and prominence within the cigar community. Under the mentorship of Eric Hanson, Wentworth honed his craft and embraced the ethos of delivering unparalleled products to discerning aficionados.

Tragedy struck in June 2018 with the untimely passing of Eric Hanson, leaving a void in Wentworth’s life and the industry at large. Despite the challenges, Wentworth remained resolute in his dedication to the craft. However, in the spring of 2022, unforeseen circumstances led to the dissolution of the company, prompting Wentworth to reassess his path.

Reflecting on his profound connection to the cigar world, Wentworth resolved to return. Thus, the genesis of 3 Leaf Cigars was born—a testament to the enduring bonds formed with loved ones and the desire to craft exceptional experiences for enthusiasts worldwide.

At the heart of 3 Leaf  lies a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and the celebration of relationships. Conceived in collaboration with close friend Jim Ferreira, the brand’s name pays homage to Wentworth’s daughter’s drawing—a simple yet profound representation of a tobacco stock bearing three leaves.

Following over a year of meticulous blending and refinement, 3 LEAF unveils two exceptional blends Habano & Connecticut, available in three sizes. Wentworth and Ferreira are delighted to present their labor of love to the world, inviting enthusiasts to partake in the experience and revel in the passion infused within each cigar.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the launch, Erik Wentworth remarks, “We are truly honored, humbled, and overjoyed with the release of 3 Leaf. We hope that you enjoy 3 Leaf as much as we have enjoyed making them.”

Both blends in all three sizes are available now at

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