Jose Dominguez Maduro

Jose Dominguez Maduro Grande Cigar Review

Jose Dominguez Maduro, a distinguished blend crafted with a Mexican San Andres wrapper, an Indonesian Sumatra binder, and a harmonious fusion of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. Available in five sizes the Jose Dominguez Maduro showcases quality tobacco at a great price point.

The Jose Dominguez Maduro Grande presents itself with a luscious milk chocolate-colored wrapper, exhibiting a toothy texture with visible veins. Its construction is impeccable, firm to the touch, and adorned with a slight oily sheen, promising a quality smoke experience.

Upon ignition, the Maduro delivers a smooth and inviting start, reminiscent of buttered bread and earthy undertones. The black pepper spice, while present, gracefully dances on the palate without overwhelming. A touch of sweet vanilla lingers in the background, enhancing the overall flavor profile.

Transitioning into the second third, the Maduro continues to impress with its velvety texture and evolving flavors. Toffee notes intermingle with the previously noted vanilla sweetness, while hints of leather and coffee emerge, adding depth to the experience. The initial bread notes gracefully make their exit, making room for a subtle yet enticing cinnamon spice.

As the journey progresses into the final third, the Maduro unveils a crescendo of flavors. The spice amplifies, now characterized by red pepper flakes, adding a fiery kick to the earthy undertones. Despite this escalation, the sweet vanilla remains steadfast, accompanied by a subtle resurgence of the earlier bread notes, bringing a harmonious conclusion to the smoke.

The Jose Dominguez Maduro Grande proves to be a delightful surprise, offering a mild yet engaging smoke that captivates the senses. Its impeccable burn and nuanced flavor profile contribute to an enjoyable experience. However, occasional draw issues noted by some reviewers detract slightly from its overall score.

Overall Score: 89 out of 100

Strength Score: 4.92 out of 10

Jose Dominguez Maduro Grande Cigar ReviewThis blind review (Cigar #9-A) was conducted by the Cigar Review Team comprising of: Paul Nabs, Drew Seruya, Scott Treptow, Joe Hallett, Chris LeBlanc, Shayne D, Chris Safranski, & Brett Yannalfo.

Price: $7.99 per single, $135.99 per box

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