La Flor Dominicana Factory Press II

I was gifted quite a few cigars at my wedding this weekend, but the one cigar I couldn’t wait to light up came from a Doctor friend of mine. That cigar is the La Flor Dominicana Factory Press II.

The Factory Press II was originally released in 2006 and was born out of Litto Gomez’ fascination of the box pressing process at the factory. This version of the cigar has long been sold out.

Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Factory Press II
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Length: 6.25″
Ring Gauge: 54
Vitola: Box Press Corona Gorda
Cutter: Lotus Jaws
Lighter: Vertigo Twister

The Look: The cigars were packaged in wood boxes with wood partition giving it the look and feel of a factory press. The cigar which features the old La Flor Domincana flower logo cigar band is silky and oily. The cigar in the hand feels a bit off as the press has hard edges on the top side, but slight curved on the bottom. The foot reveals a nice swirl of darker tobacco and is firm in the hand.

The Notes: The cold draw has some subtle hints of molasses, but there was a lot of cedar notes, and a touch of grass that reminded me of the morning dew. The nose of the wrapper and foot was that of cedar and an abundance of molasses.

Once the cigar is lit, there is a lot of sweetness from it. There are notes of maple and molasses with some cedar notes mixed in as well. As the cigar is smoked there is a sugar like sweetness that reminds me of a pixie stick from my youth. The aroma of the cigar is woodsy, and the finish surprisingly shot.

Moving on to the second third, notes of maple remain dominant, with some sweetness and earth. At the half way point some notes of coffee enter the mix, though they are in the background. The finish is syrupy and moderate in length with some pine nuts on the retrohale.

The last third of the Factory Press II sees notes of pine nuts and maple compete for dominance. As the cigar comes to a close there is a sweetness mixed with coffee on the finish. The retrohale is smooth and woodsy. This finish is short to moderate and I think I will follow this one up with a Andalusian Bull.

The Finish: It’s amazing how sweet this cigar has gotten with age. When the cigar first came out there was an abundance of spice and pepper in true LFD fashion. The Factory Press II was a nice gift and if you have any of them floating around your humidor, you should light up as they are exquisite.

Score: 92
Price: $12.00 (Sold Out)

La Flor Dominican Factory Press II

La Flor Dominican Factory Press II

La Flor Dominican Factory Press II Foot

La Flor Dominican Factory Press II Foot

La Flor Dominican Factory Press II Burn

La Flor Dominican Factory Press II Burn

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