La Gianna 30th Anniversary

La Gianna 30th Anniversary Now Shipping To Stores

Hudson, NH – United Cigars is proud to announce the highly anticipated La Gianna Havana 30th Anniversary, is now shipping to stores. The La Gianna Havana 30th Anniversary pays homage to the brand’s illustrious history, dating back to its inception in 1994 to celebrate the birth of David Garofalo’s daughter. Now, three decades later, this limited-edition masterpiece emerges from the Agroindustria Diadema Factory in Honduras, showcasing a legacy of refinement and class.

King Midas would have craved this gleaming, golden box of 20 cigars. Available in a single vitola, measuring 6” x 54, each cigar is crafted with aged tobaccos, harmonizing the essence of La Gianna Natural and Maduro lines that have stood the test of time the past 30 years.

What sets the La Gianna 30th apart is not just its opulent appearance or celebratory ambiance; it’s the meticulous selection of premium tobaccos. Adorned with a barber pole design, intertwining Ecuador Connecticut and Mexican San Andres wrappers, a Honduras Habano Criollo binder and fillers sourced from  Honduras, Dominican Republic, and USA.

“Thirty years of excellence, thirty years of passion, and thirty years of indulgence. That’s what the La Gianna Havana line represents,” says Oliver Nivaud of United Cigars. “With each puff, you’ll embark on a journey, experiencing the palette of our dedication, passion and time.”

Having made its debut at the prestigious 2024 PCA Show in Las Vegas, NV, in March, the La Gianna Havana 30th Anniversary Edition is now available for enthusiasts to savor. With an MSRP of $12 per single,& $240 per box of 20 seize the opportunity to celebrate 30 years of La Gianna Havana.

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