Law : Clover, SC OKs Tobacco Fines

The Clover Town Council approved on Monday November 10, 2015 a measure that OKs fines for use of tobacco products at Clover parks. The new measure would charge fines up to $25.

The measure was passed with a unanimous vote approves town staff issuing the aforementioned fines. Town staff also has the approval of removing violation from the park or other sites.

Clover banned tobacco use at all parks and town recreation sites in 2004 which was the first in the state.

The new measure came to fruition when Town Manager Allison Harvey says that a spectator at a youth athletic practice was using an election cigarette. When parents complained, the town decided to enact the new law.

Clover, SC is home to 5,000 residents over 2.8 square miles and was established in 1876.


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