Law | Dawsons Creek To Ban Park Smoking

Someone might want to alert Pacey and the gang over at Dawsons Creek that smoking will no longer allowed in parks.The ban which was presented by Northern Health and the Canadian Cancer Society will also make it illegal to smoke within 7.5 meters of doors, windows or air intakes. The current provincial law is set to 3 meters.

The Chief administrator of Dawson Creek Jim Chute said, “You’ll have widespread acceptance of these bylaws around children. Asking adults not to smoke at their child’s little league game is not going to be very controversial, however asking them not to smoke at their own slow pitch game is going to be difficult.”

Chute added “Asking people to not smoke at the Exhibition Grounds beer garden? That’s not a place I’m sending my bylaw enforcement officers.”

Dawsons Creek located in British Columba, Canada and is home to 11,500 residents over 9.41 square miles and was founded in 1879.

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