Law | Lubbock, TX Smoking Ban Vote Coming *UPDATE*

On Thursday October 23, 2014 the City Council of Lubbock, Texas will hold their first vote on the smoke-free ordinance for the city.

According to Mayor Glen Robertson, if the ordinance is passed, it would outlaw the smoking of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and the use of snuff and chewing tobacco in public places. The only exceptions would be in a private home or vehicle, in a hotel room where smoking is permitted, in a private club or in smoke shops.

If the City Council passes the ordinance there is hope that the Mayor will not sign it into law, as he has gone on record stating that it is overly restrictive and the decision should be left up to property owners. .

Thursday’s vote will be the first of two votes needed for the ordinance to become official.

Lubbock is home to 239,000 residents over 123.6 square miles and was established in 1890.

UPDATE 10/24: The city council voted to delay the vote on the smoking ban as they did not have enough votes to pass the measure. No new target date was announced for the proposal.

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