Law | Nassau County Pushing For 21

Nassau County has begun to make a push to raise the age to purchase tobacco. Currently, NYC and Suffolk County which bookends Nassau both have the purchase age at 21 which Nassau is looking to join.

Nassau County Legislature Judy Jacob has stepped up her push enlisting regional health advocate and the lawmaker who passed the measure in Suffolk County.

Jacobs a Democrat from Woodbury stood with doctors and representatives from the American Cancer Society and American Lung Association to announce the initiative with William Spence from Suffolk County, the architect of the bill to pass there.

Nassau County is home to 1.3 million people over 453 square miles and was established in 1899.

Update: 12/15/15The bill has not yet been voted on due to the make up of the legislature has changed since the election. It is currently controlled by the Republican and according to Rose Marie Walker, “This is legislation that I believe should be made at the state level, not the county,” said Republican Legislator, of the 17th District, which encompasses the area of Hicksville, Massapequa, Bethpage, Farmingdale, Seaford and portions of Old Bethpage. “The state can ensure that the age restriction will cover all counties and eliminate confusion.”

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