Law | Wylie, TX Rejects Stricter Smoking Laws

It turns out not everything is bigger in Texas as Wylie has rejected stricter smoking issues.

On March 24th, the City Council meeting came down to a debate limiting government intrusion between city officials and residents and in the end the vote rejected a measure that would have banned smoking where food is served.

The biggest argument was that the business in the city choose to regulate this issue as they see fit, and in fact every restaurant in town is non-smoking with one exception, Chili’s. According to acting Mayor Keith Stephens the new ordinance would have been an overreach of the council’s authority and those who object smoking have establishments to visit in the city.

According to the Mayor,  “What I’m concerned with is that we would trample on personal responsibility, personal choice and the freedom that we all have grown to enjoy in this country. If we trample on these rights, which ones are next?”

Finally, someone who gets it.

Wylie City, TX is home to 44,500 residents over 35.33 square miles and was incorporated in 1887.

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