Lotus Jaws – Cigar Cutter Review

Every so often, there comes a cigar accessory that catches my eye. I’ve seen so many different kinds of cutters, lighters, cases… All that. However, the cigar tool I’ll be talking about today is something different. A unique double action guillotine cigar cutter with serrated blades. This is the Lotus Jaws.

Back during the 2015 IPCPR trade show, Integral Logistics showed off their new cutter under the Lotus brand name. It was being talked about left and right on the internet, with people curious about how unique this cutter was.

First, lets talk about its design.

The Lotus Jaws looks like a standard cutter from the outside when closed. It has a “pointed” oval shape to it, which is very comfortable to hold in the hand. Not only that, but this cutter has some weight to it because of its metal body. The finger holes are large and comfortable to use, especially for a big guy like me.

This cutter is sausage-finger friendly which means our own David Garofalo has no problems using it.

Able to cut up to a 62 ring gauge cigar, the Lotus Jaws offers up plenty of cutting space for those who enjoy bigger cigars. Along with that, the way the blades move through the channels inside of the body is incredibly smooth.

But what make this cutter stand out from the rest is the use of serrated blades instead of traditional straight ones. When photos of the Lotus Jaws started showing up on social media, there were plenty of people wondering how a jagged blade could cleanly cut through a cigar without tearing it apart. This was a valid question because serrated blades are typically used in a saw-like motion.

However, the blades on the Jaws act like a set of razor-sharp teeth. The tips of those teeth grip the cigar while guiding the grooved blades straight through the tobacco as they come together. This leaves a level and effortless cut without pressing the cigar upwards into the blades to avoid a dome-shaped slice. It essentially does that for you.

The Lotus Jaws line of cigar cutters come in five attractive colors to fit your particular style. My personal favorite is the Forest & Black, but you can choose from Glossy Black, Red & Black, Yellow & Black or Brown & Gold as well. And for under $30, there’s no reason not to have one of these in your cigar accessory armory.


Lotus Jaws Closed Blades

Lotus Jaws Closed Blades

Lotus Jaws Open Blades

Lotus Jaws Open Blades

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