My Top Must See Cigars from the Unveiling of New Cigars at the 90th Annual Cigar Trade Show

The anticipation is building as the 90th Annual Cigar Trade Show commences in Las Vegas from July 7th to July 11th, 2023. This prestigious event will see thousands of cigar retailers gather to explore and acquire the latest and greatest cigars and accessories in the industry. With countless offerings, I have carefully planned my route on the trade show floor to ensure I can savor the most exciting new cigars available in the best time possible.

Upon entering the expansive exhibit floor, I will take a different approach and go left, as it turns out that most people tend to go right. This strategic decision allows me to navigate through the booths more efficiently. Perhaps, being left-handed, I’m naturally inclined to take the road less traveled. Regardless, I’m eager to embark on this cigar journey.

My first stop will be at the Serino (APS Distributors) and Aganorsa Leaf booths. Both brands have new products that have piqued my interest. At Serino, I’m eager to explore their latest creation following the success of the delightful Elenor Rose from last year. Additionally, I look forward to meeting Hall of Fame Pitcher Fergie Jenkins and exploring the San Giuseppe Cigars they offer. At Aganorsa Leaf, I’ll savor the Aganorsa Leaf Aniversario Connecticut and marvel at the impressively gigantic JFR Lunatic 100 ring gauge by 10″ cigar. Although I won’t light up the latter any time soon, I can’t miss the opportunity to see it in person. A 100-ring gauge cigar is a bold statement in itself!

Continuing down the aisle, I’ll make my way to JRE Tobacco, home of Aladino Cigar. The buzz is that Julio R. Eiroa, the founder, is preparing something special to celebrate his 85th birthday, and I must be among the first to experience it.

Next, I’ll visit All Saints Cigars, where Frank and Micky have consistently delivered exceptional cigars for the past two years. Their newest offering Solamente, a yearly release to celebrate All Saints Day and the anniversary of All Saints Cigars and this cigar will be undoubtedly worth trying.

Another must-visit booth is Rojas, where I’ll explore the creations of the talented Noel Rojas. If you haven’t tried a Rojas cigar yet, you’re truly missing out on a unique experience.  Coming off his Breakfast Taco and Elote Firecracker for United Cigars already this year, I am eager to see what’s next.

Right across from Rojas, I’ll venture to the newly designed booth of United Cigar. They distribute prestigious brands like Atabey, Byron, Alfonso, Jose Dominguez, Montosa, and Terra Nova, and I can’t wait to light up their latest offerings especially the Atabey Black, the original NFT Cigar and the 10 Year Aged Atabey.  Add to that the Black Bomb Firecracker and the new sizes of the oldest cigar brand in the world Red Anchor.

The journey continues to Padron, where I’m excited to find their new gift set featuring their highest-rated cigars. Additionally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the release of their collaboration cigars with Arturo Fuente, a tribute to their fathers.

Across from Padron, Ernesto Carillo of EPC Cigars has kept tight-lipped about one of his new cigars, making it a top priority on my day one list. I’ll also make sure to visit C.L.E. Cigars, where they’ll showcase their latest Eiroa Cigars and Asylum cigars that have been generating quite a buzz.

By the end of day one, I hope to have visited over 100 booths in all, which is about one-third of the booths, while gaining invaluable insights into the latest trends and innovations in the cigar industry. The next three days are filled with promise as I plan to explore the remaining booths, and if all goes well, I might have the luxury of a half-day on day four for a double-check. However, if time runs short, I’m prepared to move swiftly to ensure I don’t miss anything.

My must-see cigars for day 2 coming up tomorrow.

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