Neya F8 by Duran Cigars Toro Cigar Review

The back story of the Neya and Neya F8 brand is perhaps one of the most interesting and funny stories I have heard to date in the cigar industry. The story goes that one of the blenders at Duran Cigars wanted to name a cigar after his mother to honor her. The wish was granted, and the Neya was created. When it came time to create the artwork the blender was asked if he had a picture of his mother to adorn the box or bands. The blender replied, “Oh, no… you don’t want to do that she was an ugly woman.”

Cigar Review: Neya F8
Size: 6 x 56 (Toro)
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Full

The Look: The Neya F8 has a dual band system with the primary band showcasing a bride and the name Neya in a ribbon with colors of gold, tan and blue filling out the artwork. Looking at the band, it almost gives the cigar an heirloom type feel to it. A secondary band denotes F8 which is the ligero heavy blend. The rustic reddish-brown wrapper has character with some veins and a nice even coloring. There are no soft spots in the perfect roll, and the foot is slightly spongy.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Neya F8 is sweet and reminds me of a cross between coconut custard pie and pumpkin pie. Hey, give me a break I am on diet and I might actually just be craving these things. But there is definitely a sweetness present and a creaminess. The aroma off the foot is spicy and sweet with a touch of cashews.

Once the cigar is list there is some of that continued sweetness, however this time it was in the form of chocolate notes and a subtle creaminess giving it an almost milk chocolate feel. There was a faint hint of cinnamon that teased the palate on the finish like that of a cinnamon graham cracker and the finish was slightly earthy. Through the nose there was some pepper and vanilla notes.

In the second third of the Neya F8 there is almost a Salt & Pepper thing going on. No that girl rap group telling you to push it real good, but the common spices on every dinner table in America. The sweet chocolate notes begins to fade as wood becomes dominant. Through the nose the pepper wakes you up and borders on wasabi.

The last third of the of the F8 sees some sweetness work its way back into the cigar that is almost but not quite overpowered by the spice. While I would label the cigar as full-bodied, the balance of the cigar tones things down a notch. The cigar concludes with walnut and cedar with a slightly smokey finish.

The Burn: The Neya has a razor-sharp burn with an ultra thin combustion line that reveals a dark color ash that holds on for more than a third at a time. The draw of the cigar is perfect, and lights fairly easy. The cigar remained lit from first light to last puff.

The Finish: The Neya F8 is one of those cigars that the strength creeps up on you before delivering a knockout punch. While the beginning started out sweet and complex, the second third really delivered straight forward notes and a bit of a kick at the end. There was something about the cigar that was intriguing and enjoyable making it stand out in a crowded marketplace as well. The result is a cigar I want to smoke again… and again.

Score: 91Buy_it_nowPrice: $6.89 / $120.99


Duran Cigars Neya F8

Duran Cigars Neya F8

Duran Cigars Neya F8 Foot

Duran Cigars Neya F8 Foot

Duran Cigars Neya F8 Burn

Duran Cigars Neya F8 Burn

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