North Dakota Senator Seeks To Create Cigar Bar Bill

Senator Oley Larson (R-Minot) has introduced a bill in the North Dakota Legislator that would allow cigar smoking in cigar bars, according to a report by Prairie Broadcasting System.

The bill would only allow the smoking of cigars if of 10 percent or more of the gross annual income is generated from the sale of cigars.  According to the report, the bill has been introduced on behalf of a constituent of Minot.

The Senator went on to add, “I’ve been to VIP bars where they smoke cigars.” before adding, “It’s a whole different type of atmosphere.” Now if only that message could be relayed to the FDA.

The bill would apply only to premium cigars and would prohibit the smoking of all other forms of tobacco.

Information on the bill can be found at the North Dakota Legislative Branch.

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