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La Aurora is the first cigar factory of the Dominican Republic and has been in continuous operation since 1903. Earlier this year, they decided to release their signature Preferidos in a Corona line for Mid-Atlantic sales representative Christopher Lenzo. Samples of the each wrapper were sent by Miami Cigar & Company, a site sponsor for review, they are also the United States distributor for the brand.

Cigar: La Aurora Preferidos
Size: 5.5 x 42 (Corona)
Wrapper: Maduro (Brazil)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Brazil, Cameroon, Dominican Republic
Strength: Mild

The Look: Looking at a cigar that is known for its signature size in anything but that size is a little bit strange. In fact it looks more like a taste test sample then a cigar in my mind. The Maduro wrapper is rustic looking with a slight brindle appearance. The roll of the cigar is a bit porous looking . In the hand the cigar feels average for the size with a couple of voids under the wrapper above the band which has accents of ruby red.

The Notes: The foot of the Preferidos Maduro has a manure like aroma to it which believe it or not is consider a huge compliment in the cigar world. Some people even identify Cuban cigars based on a similar aroma. If your Cuban has a heavy Cedar nose, I am willing to bet it is fake. The cold draw of the stick reminds me of cucumbers and leather.

Once the cigar is lit there is some subtle notes of nutmeg and coffee with a hearty helping of leather. Through the nose the cigar comes off as a little coarse and rough. As the cigar gets to the halfway point the rough edges have smoothed out and a slight sweetness begins to develop. Around a full inch into the cigar that sweetness develops into some caramel with hints of pecan.

In the second third of the La Aurora Preferidos Maduro the notes of pecan are the focal point with some warm baking spices and a hint of coffee.

The last third of the cigar is predominantly coffee, specifically a strong espresso. There is some earth on the finish with some nuttiness thrown in as well and spot pepper through the nose.

The Burn: The La Aurora Preferidos Maduro Corona burned extremely well with a nice even burn line. The ash had a marble like appearance that gradually got darker as the cigar progressed. The draw was a little lose for my liking but this seems to be the case with many La Aurora sticks.

The Finish: I’ll be honest smoking the cigar in this size was strange as it totally changed the smoking experience. I sit here and wonder do I judge the cigar as its own, or do I compare it to the size/namesake of the cigar. What it comes down to is this, the cigar is enjoyable but it doesn’t feel like I am smoking a Preferidos due to the size. With that said, Brazilian wrappers are amongst my personal favorites.

Score: 89
Price: $8.00

La Aurora Preferidos Preferidos Maduro

La Aurora Preferidos Maduro

La Aurora Preferidos Preferidos Maduro Foot

La Aurora Preferidos Maduro Foot

La Aurora Preferidos Preferidos Maduro Burn

La Aurora Preferidos Maduro Burn


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