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Yesterday on The Cigar Authority radio show we released our contenders for Cigar of the Year. You can purchase a contenders pack from site sponsor and of the 7 cigars featured, one will become Cigar of the Year.

As one of the cigars featured in the Contenders, Tattoo is a lower price offering from Tatuaje cigars made at TACUBA in Esteli, Nicaragua. The factory was the first owned by the Garcia family before moving to the larger My Father factory. Available in four sizes they all retail for $6.50 or less.

Cigar: Tattoo
Size: 6 x 50 (Universo)
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

The Look: The Ecuador wrapper of Habano seed that adorns the Tatuaje Tattoo has a milk chocolate like look tit with minimal veins and a slight brindle appearance. The cigar is rolled flawlessly with the seams virtually invisible. The band of the cigar is a various of the Rocky Balboa Heavyweight Belt. The word Tattoo is in white over a black Pete Johnson symbol with a background of red and accents of  black, gold and white.  In the hand the cigar is balanced with no soft spots and a slightly below average weight.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Tattoo has a molasses note with a hint of hickory and a slight mocha. The foot of the cigar serves up an aroma of the powder of a hot chocolate packet from Swiss Miss. Once the cigar is lit, I am surprised that the cigar lacks that classic kick of pepper that is synonymous if products from Garcia owned factories.

The first third of the Tatuaje Tattoo serves up some sweet notes of mocha and some spice through the nose but it isn’t overpowering. The spice has a subtle crushed red pepper note is really enjoyable, while the sweetness of the mocha helps ease the retrohale.

In the second third some cedar notes develop while the mocha fades away. As we move past the midway point some hints of ginger develop a some continued spice. As we prepare to transition into the last third a slight floral note emerges.

In the final third of the Tatuaje Tattoo the floral notes begin to take hold with some added spice through the nose. As we get past the cigar band the floral notes give way to an espresso finish with a touch of mocha as an afterthought.

The Burn: The Tatuaje Tattoo has one of the nicest looking ashes on a cigar. It it incredibly smooth, and firm without breaks to it as it smokes. It held on for the first half of the cigar, and then for almost the enter last half of the stick. The burn was perfect with the slightest bit of resistance . The burn line was incredibly straight and razor-thin.

The Finish: The price of this cigar is such a key factor to it being a choice for cigar of the year and it smokes like a stick that is double the price. Straightforward notes that deliver an ideal smoking experience the Tatuaje Tattoo is a cigar that is worthy of an everyday rotation and plenty of humidor space.

Score: 93
Price: $5.69

Tatuaje Tattoo

Tatuaje Tattoo

Tatuaje Tattoo Foot

Tatuaje Tattoo Foot

Tatuaje Tattoo Burn

Tatuaje Tattoo Burn

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