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Mr. Jonathan

Touching up your cigars when they canoe.

At least once a week a customer will walk into my brick and mortar retail shop and complain that they had 2-3 cigars in their latest box purchase that had “burn issues”. As a tobacconist and avid cigar smoker of many different kinds, sizes, and brands I take for granted that not every cigar burns perfectly. Less expensive cigars tend to have more burn issues then more expensive ones but at some point regardless of what you are smoking you will come across a cigar or two that burn uneven.

When your cigar does start to burn unevenly all that is required is a small touch up with a match or your lighter. In fact this is why I choose to carry a single flame torch lighter on me when I am smoking. The pin point accuracy of the flame on my lighter allows me to hit the slower burning portion of wrapper and get it to catch up with the rest of the cigar.

Take your time and toast the foot of your cigar and make sure that the whole thing is lit by gently blowing on the foot after you have lit it. If the entire end glows when you blow on it then its lit and if you see a dead spot then you need to keep going until the light is complete. More often then not a poor burn indicates that the light was incomplete. That being said even under perfect lighting conditions you can still experience peaks and valleys in your hand made product of choice. It comes with the territory and is one of the subtleties that makes smoking cigars an artful pass time. Pay attention to your cigar and it will pay attention to you…not really but you get my point.

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