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VODCast: Beating Up Top 25 Cigar Lists

This week on The Cigar Authority broadcasting live on tape from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… We got the gloves on and our cups on too… We are going to beat-up their top cigar lists as we get our beat on ours. What do we think about other media choices for cigar of the year and why are they wrong. This week we smoke a cigar from the Cigar Authority Care Package […]

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Misconceptions About Cigar Smoking & Building A Home Smoking Room

It’s the moment Mr. Jonathan has waited for. This week he gets in David’s pants although I am not sure it turned out how he expected. Dave and Ed Sullivan are away so Mr. J plays the role of Dave and Barry the role of Ed. In the first hour they will fire up the Dos Hombres Candela as St. Patrick’s Day is a week away. Due to popular demand we will revisit the GHOST […]

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Dos Hombres Honduran Cabinet Toro Cigar Review

Today on the Cigar Authority we celebrated Dos Hombres Day, where Dave informed us of the history of the cigar that was part of The Cigar Authority Care Package. As has become customary we offer a full review of the smoke that was part of the February care package. Cigar Review: Dos Hombres Cabinet Honduran Wrapper: Honduras Binder: Honduras Filler: Honduras Length: 6″ Ring Gauge: 50 Size: Toro The Look: The Dos Hombre Cabinet comes packaged in cabinet style boxes of 20 and are […]

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VODCast: Who Had the Tastiest Balls? Dos Hombre Day, Football and More!

Today we start the month of February with a cigar from the care package. As we smoke the Dos Hombres Honduran Cabinet we tell you about the history of the cigar on the 2nd day of the 2nd month, which is our book makes is Dos Hombres Day! If you follow us on Social Media you noticed that we were all creating balls of pleasure for the 1st Annual Meat Ball that pitted David Garofalo, […]

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Dos Hombres Cabinet Honduran Lonsdale Cigar Review

I feel like a kid the day before Christmas. Although, last night I went and snuck a peak at the new studio for the The Cigar Authority which is a part of the United Podcast Network tomorrow we will official debut it. Today’s review is one of the cigars we will feature on the show albeit in a different size. The cigar brings back the modern-day version of the 5 cent cigar. No matter where […]

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Dos Hombres Dominican Cabinet Lonsdale Cigar Review

This weekend we will be debut a new soundstage on the La Flor Dominicana set of the The Cigar Authority which is a part of the United Podcast Network. Today’s cigar comes to us from United Cigar, and it’s one of the cigars we will feature on the show albeit in a different size. The cigar brings back the modern day version of the 5 cent cigar. No matter where you live, the cigar will be […]

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Dos Hombres Honduran Maduro Burn

Dos Hombres Honduran Maduro Cigar Review

When I first started smoking cigars my go to cigar was a $4.00 Padron 2000 Natural. Over the years, cigar prices have skyrocketed but there are still some great value cigars out there. Tomorrow we will look at those cigars on The Cigar Authority. However, with my vacation 2 months away I have begun cutting back on my purchases to save a few extra dollars here and there which should add up to a really […]

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Dos Hombres Nicaragua Burn

Dos Hombres Nicaraguan Toro Cigar Review

Let’s face it, when you smoke 3-6 cigars a day like I do, it can get to be an expensive proposition. Finding a bundle cigar that performs like a premium cigar is no easy task. I’ve smoked just about everything under the sun, and if you took the band off this cigar I would never in a million years refer to it as a bundle. In fact, it could easily pass for a lot of […]

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Dos Hombres Candela Burn

Dos Hombres Candela 2017 Limited Edition Churchill Cigar Review

Forget about Groundhog Day being the measuring stick for spring. The real test for spring is St. Patrick’s Day, if your cigars or beer are green then we will be having an early spring. In what has become a tradition in the cigar industry, numerous companies release a candela cigar every year a few weeks prior to March 17th, and last year Two Guys Smoke Shop joined the party in releasing what I honestly felt […]

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Press Release: Dos Hombres Goes Green

Salem, New Hampshire (February 22, 2016) It’s that time of year again where green cigars are all the rage, and Two Guys Smoke Shop is releasing their signature cigar Dos Hombres in a Candela version for the second year in a row. In 2016, for the first time the Dos Hombres Candela was released in a limited edition, that quickly sold out. After receiving many accolades, the cigar makes its triumphant return once again in […]

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