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UPS No Longer To Handle Tobacco Weighing Less Than 4 pounds per 1,000

In recent days United Parcel Service has visited shippers of tobacco products with an agreement form prohibiting the shipment of tobacco products that weigh less than 4lbs per 1,000. These products are known in the industry as “Little Cigars.” According the the UPS website, the new measures being enforced are due to the FDA’s Final Rule which can be found at “Little Cigar” means any roll for smoking made of tobacco, wrapped in either paper or […]

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Sagadahoc County, ME Smoking Ban

In Sagadahoc County, Maine it will become illegal to light up in most of the county beginning September 1st. The county has decided to ban all tobacco including e-cigarettes on all country property including parking lots and in vehicles parked on county property. The move was first reported by the Maine Public Broadcasting Network. Sagadahoc County is located northeast of Portland Maine along the seacoast and extending inland.

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Law | Arizona County Drop Plan To Ban Smoker Hiring

While there have been other municipalities that have considered banning tobacco users from employment there has never been one as large as Pima County in Arizona. On December 16 the Pima County Board of Supervisors will vote on a plan that would allow the county to demand a nicotine test on current employees if they suspect there are puffing or dipping and impose a surcharge on health insurance to those who test positive. Additionally, current […]

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News | US Military To Raise Tobacco Prices On Bases

Some good news and bad news for those who put their lives on the line while defending this great nation. A new bill which is expected to pass Congress before Christmas is expected to raise prices on Military bases. The 2015 National Defense Authorization Act will change how tobacco is priced. Currently, the military is allowed to discount tobacco at 5% of the local price. The new bill will prohibit that discount which in some […]

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Law | Westminster, MA Proposes Banning Tobacco Sales *UPDATE*

The Board of Health in Westminster, Massachusetts is proposing a ban of ALL tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars and electronic pipes. Under the Massachusetts statutes, the local board of health is authorizes to adopt “reasonable” regulation to protect the health of citizens. A hearing will be held on November 12, 2014. Westminster, Massachusetts is home to 7,000 residents over 37.3 square miles and was founded in 1737. UPDATE 11/12: The Westminster Board of Health […]

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News | Tasmania Introducing Bill To End Smoking

As we reported a few weeks back, the island state of Tasmania which is part of the Commonwealth of Australia is looking to end tobacco use. This Wednesday a bill will be read before the Parliament which would make it illegal to purchase tobacco if born after the year 2000. The new bill will prevent anyone new from smoking thus ending tobacco use on the island over time. The historic bill would impose penalties to anyone […]

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Law | Oregon Begins Beach Smoking Ban Hearings *UPDATE*

The first of four public forums on whether or not the state of Oregon should ban smoking on all area beaches is set for today in Seaside at 6pm. In July, the state of Oregon announced that it would begin taking steps toward banning smoking along the 362 miles of beaches along the Pacific Ocean. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department set a ban on smoking at most other state-park property earlier this year. The other […]

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Law: Lawton, OK Expands Tobacco Ban

The state of Oklahoma allows cities to impose smoking bans, however the way the law is written it prevents a total ban on tobacco (thankfully!). On Tuesday, the city council of Lawton approved an ordinance that prohibits all tobacco and vapor products on city owned properties and vehicles in a 5-3 vote despite the Deputy City Attorney indicating there could be legal troubles down the road. The law if unchallenged by the state it goes […]

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Law | Canada Trying to Ban Flavored Tobacco – Take Deux!

Oh Canada, can’t you just leave tobacco alone. In 2009 the federal government banned tiny flavored cigarillos because they deemed them to be marketed to children, eh. On Friday, Health Canada gave regulatory notice that it plans to put a stop to the way manufacturers have circumvented the ban. The law originally banned flavored tobacco on cigarillos that weighted less than 1.4 grams. Now, they are pushing for the ban to be on cigars heavier […]

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Law | San Benito, CA Pushing For Tobacco Ban

The new public health office for San Benito, California is pushing to make the sales of tobacco in pharmacies illegal. The movement to make a legal product illegal has begun. Dr. Anju Goel a Wisconsin native wants to also limit the advertising that can be displayed in the window of a storefront pertaining to tobacco products. She hopes to have the ban in place within a year. Dr. Goel decided to take a position in […]

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