The Week In Review: Volume 3

As we get closer into Fall in New England, I am amazed at the foliage and the colors that can be from bright neon to subtle pastels. Having grown up in NYC, our leaves went from green to brown before falling on the floor. I’ve become one of those tourists who drive slow and admire the beauty.

This week in our Salem, NH Location of Two Guys Smoke Shop we hosted Howie Carr who is a journalist as well as a syndicated radio personality. The dinner which featured meatballs, sausage and peppers, and baked ziti was sold out. We ate, drank crime scene wine (blood-red), and listened to stories about Whitey Bolger a notorious member of the Boston mob of whom Carr is a published author and expert on.

This week 2 Guys Cigars will be hosting Tom Lazuka from Asylum cigars on The Cigar Authority radio show as he makes his way to each of the Two Guys Smoke Shop locations.

Best Cigar Smoked This Week: Hammer + Sickle LE 2014 (Review Coming Soon)
Drink of the Week: El Gato Grande (Barcelo Rum & Sprite)
Movie Watched This Week: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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