Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration Cigar Review

For Fuente fans, it is the most wonderful time of year. Twice a year on average, the company ships rarities that collectors often search for. Items like Don Carlos Eye of the Shark, Fuente Opus X Oro Oscuro and the new Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration.

The cigar which is a new blend was given to the factory over the phone by Carlos Fuente Sr. before his passing earlier this year. The cigar can not be ordered by retailers and is awarded to retailers based on how much they spend with the company at the 2016 IPCPR in Las Vegas.

Cigar Review: Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration
Country of Origin: 
Dominican Republic
6 1/8″
Ring Gauge: 
Corona Gorda
Lotus Jaws
Vertigo Twister

The Look: Packaged in stained wood cabinet style boxes the cigar are layered horizontally instead of vertically. These 30 count boxes feature a cigar wth a gorgeous red, cream, gold and black band that look the same as the regular Casa Cuba release. While not box pressed, the cigar has a slight press to it like a soft box press from being placed in a snug box. The wrapper won’t win any awards as there are medium sized veins throughout, some wrinkles in the wrapper and a roll that isn’t as clean as many other cigars. Thankfully, cigars aren’t a beauty pageant.

The Notes: The cold draw of the cigar is incredible. There are notes of cinnamon, cream, butter pecan and to be honest the cigar before being lit tastes just like a Cinnabon smells. It’s really incredible and I worry about pulling all the flavor out of the cigar before lighting it. The nose off the foot of the cigar is rich molasses and maple.

Once the cigar is lit, some of that sweetness is lost with a bit of wheat and earth on the first draw. But fret not as the sweetness returns on the finish. About a half-inch to the Divine Inspiraton, the earth begins to slide back some as maple notes begin to take hold with hints of cinnamon and cream. Through the nose the stick has some pepper notes and more maple.

The second third of the Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration sees the cinnamon notes become the primary note while the aroma of the cigar reminds me once again of stepping into a Cinnabon. There are notes of earth, maple and wheat in the background with some pepper through the nose.

The last third sees the Fuente blended cigar develop hints of caramel with continue maple notes. The finish is earthy, with a hint of wheat and there is a subtle pepper and leather on the retrohale.

The Finish: There is no doubt about it, the Casa Cuba Divine Intervention is better then the regular release. The sweetness of the prelight draw continues through to the smoke. The notes are easily identified and mix together like David Garofalo working the room at the Anniversary Party. There was a time when I chased rare stuff, and sometimes I would be disappointed. This one is not of those disappointments.

Score: 92
Price: $8.99 /$249.99

Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration

Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration

Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration

Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration

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