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Balancing Cause and Effect

The Cigar Industry: Balancing Cause and Effect

The Cigar Industry: Balancing Cause and Effect An Editorial by David Garofalo In the complex web of the cigar industry, cause and effect play a pivotal role, shaping the landscape and influencing trends. Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which suggests that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, finds significance in the dynamics of today’s cigar marketplace. The recent disruptions in the cigar industry, characterized by soaring prices can be studied through the lens […]

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Atabey Black Ritos

Cigar Review: Atabey Black Ritos

Atabey Black Ritos started off as the idea of Oliver Nivaud from United Cigar, later turned into a discussion with Nelson Alfonso, and pushed over the line by Nelson Alfonso, Jr., the very first NFT cigar was born.  On April 1, 2021, what some believed to be an April Fools joke was real, or kind of.   OpenSea, a digital NFT trading platform, still unknown to most of the cigar community, Atabey Black Ritos came […]

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Day Three – Unveiling the Hidden Gems: The Quest for the Next Big Thing at the Premium Cigar Association Trade Show

As the Premium Cigar Association Trade Show enters its crucial third day, I am determined to wrap up the event on a high note and embark on a journey to discover the hidden gem, the next big thing that will shape the future of the cigar industry. My first stop of the day will be at La Galera, a brand that emerged as a hidden gem a few years ago and has continued to impress […]

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Making my way up the Aisles on Day 2 PCA Cigar Trade Show for Must Try Cigars

Navigating through Day 2 of the PCA Cigar Trade Show, my mission is to explore the must-try cigars and booths, akin to planning a meticulous roadmap for a family vacation. To ensure I cover everything, I’m strategically managing my time to complete the trade show in three days or less, with the intention of revisiting areas I might have overlooked. Starting off, I’ll begin by double-checking if I missed any must-see booths, as some can […]

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My Top Must See Cigars from the Unveiling of New Cigars at the 90th Annual Cigar Trade Show

The anticipation is building as the 90th Annual Cigar Trade Show commences in Las Vegas from July 7th to July 11th, 2023. This prestigious event will see thousands of cigar retailers gather to explore and acquire the latest and greatest cigars and accessories in the industry. With countless offerings, I have carefully planned my route on the trade show floor to ensure I can savor the most exciting new cigars available in the best time […]

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Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Solis

I rarely do formal cigar reviews for The Cigar Authority, I have people for that (Hi Barry), but coming back from the PCA Cigar Trade Show 12 days ago with Covid and smoking no cigars in a week, I found my palate ultra-sensitive. I hear that some people lose their sense of taste and smell as a symptom from the Covid virus, but I think the opposite happened to me, so why waste it. I […]

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Two Guys Smoke Shop 36th Anniversary Tickets On Sale May 1st, 2021

This Saturday, May 1st, 2021 tickets go on sale as Two Guys Smoke Shop celebrates their time in the premium cigar business with a gala event they call their Anniversary Party. Two Guys Smoke Shop has been doing this since they began their business in 1985 and with cigar lovers around the world. This is the premier event, the must see show, and there are lots of reasons for that. Two Guys Smoke Shop, the […]

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As I See It – Altria (Philip Morris) To Sell Premium Cigar Division of Nat Sherman – David Garofalo Editorial

(Oct 23, 2019) – I can’t say that I was surprised or unhappy for the overall good of the entire cigar industry, but as predicted and expected, Altria Group, after just 1,000 days since purchasing Nat Sherman will sell off the Premium cigar segment of the operation. Altria is the parent company of Philip Morris. In January of 2017 Altria purchased Nat Sherman, a luxury cigarette company who also owned and operated a premium cigar division […]

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Banned in Boston… The War on Tobacco Continues – A David Garofalo Editorial

BANNED IN BOSTON… THE WAR ON TOBACCO CONTINUES Another Editorial by David Garofalo It’s Columbus Day, a day to celebrate the discovery of Tobacco and Cigars, and a day to discover why there is a war against tobacco. A few weeks ago, the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker placed a four-month ban on all vaping products in response to the popularity of e-cigarettes and after nine people died in the United States from a mysterious […]

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Cigar Tax for On-Line Sales Set to Take Effect – A David Garofalo Editorial

CIGAR TAX FOR ON-LINE SALES SET TO TAKE EFFECT Editorial by David Garofalo This whole thing began with the growth on the internet and the 1992 Supreme Court case Quill Corp. v. North Dakota,  that determined due to the constitutional law, states could not collect sales taxes from purchases made by their residents from out-of-state vendors that did not have a physical presence within that state, barring legislation from the United States Congress that would allow them to […]

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