Cigar Review: Illusione Rothchildes

In the 11 weeks that I have been a part of The Cigar Authority, this is the third Illusione review I have done. Before you start calling a party foul, I asked my co-work Ed Santamaria to reach into my humidor to pick out today’s review. In the past we have reviewed the Illusione 68, and Gigantes.

According to their website, “cigar for the masses. Price vs. quality – unmatched in the marketplace. The illusione *r* Rothchildes makes a bold statement in the face of NIRMKW (Non Illusione Remote Mind Kontrol Weapons). These companies force their will on the unsuspecting cigar enthusiast. The unending barrage of multi-national media specific messages clouds the minds judgment. It is our job to provide shelter and safety in the truth through our cigar.”

Cigar: Illusione *R* Rothchilde
Size: 4.5 x 50 (Rothchilde)
Wrapper: San Andreas
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

The Look: The illusione Rothchilde features a San Andreas Mexican wrapper that has a dry look to it. But, this is the case with most Mexican wrappers. In the hand the cigar feels coarse and is rolled to perfection right down to the cap. The wrapper is receding off the foot ever so slightly which shows off some nice aging. The band is white, gold and red which offers a nice contrast to the dark wrapper. The cigar has no soft spots, a well packed foot and an average weight.

The Notes: The cold draw of the cigar reminds me of lemon rind added to espresso, there is definitely a citrus taste to the cigar. The foot reveals a nose of earth, and cocoa, and I am drawn back to take another cold draw before lighting this one up. Once the cigar is lit there is a definitive cocoa note that stands front and center. Through the nose there is a slight spice and a floral like component.

Working into the first half of the cigar the cocoa remains the focal point, and the cigar is joined by notes of nuts that slowly take over by the half way point. In the background there is some earthy components that for me are synonymous with the San Andreas, but they are more of an after thought at this point in time.

In the second third of the illusione Rothchildes the cigar begins to take on a floral note that becomes the focal point, and the nuts come off as unsalted peanuts direct from the shell. As the cigar closes, the notes become more intensified with a floral, lemon zest finish.

The Burn: Despite knocking the cigar into the ashtray while answering the phone, the ash held firm after losing the first half-inch due to user clumsiness. The draw of the cigar was fluid, and the smoke production was ample. The burn line was crisp with a thin carbon line and remained lit from first light to last puff.

Overall: Since leaving Raices Cubana and moving production over to Nicaragua it feels like Illusione has returned to the glory that existed when they first entered the cigar market as a manufacturer. My only knock on the Illusione Rothchildes is that it was too short, and it left me wanting another. Thankfully at the price, they are definitely box worthy and with 50 count boxes they should last a while.

Score: 92
Price: $4.99

illusione Rothschildes

illusione Rothschilds

illusione Rothschildes Foot

illusione Rothschildes Foot

illusione Rothschildes Burn

illusione Rothschildes Burn


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