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VODCast: The 2023 State of the Cigar Industry Address

This week on The Cigar Authority broadcasting live from the Toscano Sound Stage in Salem, New Hampshire… It’s Another Year in the Cigar Industry, BUT where are we, and where are we headed? It’s the 2023 State of The Cigar Industry Address. On this weeks show we will light up the Oliva Serie O Robusto from the Care Package in the first hour while in the second hour we smoke the Topper 125th Anniversary cigar…. […]

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Cigar Review: Mi Querida SakaKhan

Back when Steve Saka announced the SakaKhan he wrote on Facebook, “It was the 80’s when Chaka Khan became known as an artist and I was getting certified to Con(n) as a JOOD Underway on my ship – the enlisted guys who worked the Bridge started calling me this… kinda funny as my middle name ‘Temujin’ is also the birth name of Ghengis Khan… so this is double dip when it comes to why this nickname […]

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Cigar Review: La Galera 85th Anniversary Broadleaf

Turning 85 is a big deal, and Tabacalera Palma wanted to do something just as exciting to commemorate this incredible feat. When they sat down to think of ways to accurately convey what this occasion meant to them, they decided to consult their fathers. Jochy Blanco revisited dozens of scribbles and stand-alone paragraphs in his father’s notebooks and reexamined the tobacco growing and processing wisdom of two generations, along with the cigar manufacturing wisdom of one generation. […]

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HVC Black Friday 2021 Cigar Review

On Facebook Meta HVC brand owner Reinier Lorenzo wrote, “Let’s get straight to the point. Since 2015 we have been releasing HVC Black Friday. Every year it is completely sold out and this year was not the exception, it sold out faster than ever. The concept behind Black Friday is that every year we come up with a new blend/new liga and a different size as well. It always comes in limited quantities to bring […]

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Rocky Patel Sungrown Maduro Robusto Cigar Review

Rocky Patel, an accomplished lawyer has achieved fame in the cigar industry. He has used that fame to fight for our cigar rights be it in the halls of the senate or in front of the cameras on Fox News. He is a true friend of cigar smokers everywhere. Today we fire up a cigar that has received high ratings since 2015 in major publications but it hasn’t been reviewed here on The Cigar Authority […]

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United Maduro Robusto Cigar Review

United Cigar Group is the company that distributes Selected Tobacco in the United States and today’s cigar is part of the United Cigar portfolio. It shares the name of the company of which Oliver Nivaud is the National Sales Manager. It’s a box pressed cigar available in two different wrappers with the first being a lighter Connecticut Broadleaf while the Maduro, today’s cigar features Connecticut Broadleaf #1 Darks. Cigar Review: United Cigar Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf #1 Darks […]

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Neanderthal SGP Cigar Review

The Neanderthal SGP which stands for Shallow Gene Pool was one of the cigars we featured on this weeks episode of The Cigar Authority. It was part of the care package and has become customary we offer a post show full review of the cigar. Cigar: Neanderthal Wrapper: San Andreas (Mexico) Binder: Broadleaf (US Connecticut) Filler: U.S. Pennsylvania Double Ligero, Nicaraguan (Conega, Jalapa, Pueblo Nuevo, Esteli), Dominican Republic (Olor) Length: 4.5 Ring Guage: 52 Size: SGP The Look: Packaged in 15 count […]

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Tatuaje TAA 2017 Cigar Review

Each year some of the nation’s top retailers and manufacturers get together for the annual Tobacconist Association of America convention. At this mini-trade show, a group of manufacturers get together and create some of the most sought after limited edition cigars. Arguably the most anticipated is from Pete Johnson’s Tatuaje. This year, the 2017 TAA release is a redux of the 2014 and is based on the Pork Tenderloin and Barclay Rex blends. No new blends […]

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CroMagnon Knuckle Dragger Burn

CroMagnon Knuckle Dragger Cigar Review

There is no person on social media that makes me more furious then Skip Martin. There have been times where I said I would swear off his cigars because of our beliefs being on opposite ends of the spectrum. But if I, Barry Stein have one true friend in the cigar industry it is Skip Martin. I first met his partner Mike Rosales in New Orleans during IPCPR when he was pimping his own lines. […]

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United Cigar Maduro Burn

United Cigar Maduro Robusto Cigar Review

This weekend we take the time to remember those who have fallen to defend our great nation, and we give thanks to those who have served and continue to serve. It’s the same united front that the men and women of our armed forces, that we as cigar smokers must continue to show in the face of increased smoking regulations and taxes. It is for this reason, that I am choosing this cigar to review […]

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